Devons are one of the oldest recognised breeds of cattle in the world. Their gene set is one of the purest of any breeds. Being such a pure breed and with a solid colour, Devons are an ideal breed to use to stabilize any breeding program. Devons have a lot to offer the modern beef industry. They are docile and excellent converters of grass to meat and their meat is accepted as being of the highest quality. As a breed, they have not followed the trend towards extremes that other breeds have. The modern Devon is a medium framed beast and they have retained their ability to function effectively in a wide range of situations.

For more information on Devons follow the link to the Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Austraila. www.devoncattle.com

Beef Production

Purebred Devon cattle grade very highly in the MSA scheme. They do this because they easily lay down fat evenly across the carcass and have fine muscle texture. Their docile nature allows them to tolerate handling and transport stress, meaning a very high percentage have flesh with low pH when they are killed which means they are tender to eat.

Some of the specialist MSA “grids” offer substantial premiums, as much as 50 cents/kilo over the basic MSA price.

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Devon MSA Grade Steers